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we mock because we love--really.

Gainax is Fucking Funny
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Come one, come all! Tell me--are you a big fan of the hit anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion/Shin Seiki Evangelion/Eva/whatever the hell they're calling it this week? Of course you are! And do you believe that it's a flawless work of art, the pinnacle of animated achievement, and that every minute of it is like an ornate window into a deeper, more meaningful TRUTH? Ehehehe. If so . . . this is probably not the place for you.

This is a community of Eva fans of all kinds--beginners, die-hards, people who have probably spent hundreds on Rei Ayanami merchandise (that's me!)--who are tired of all the pretention in the fandom and the unwillingness of many fans to openly laugh at TEH HOL33 GAINAX (tm) when it's appropriate. And it's always appropriate. I mean, that scene where Shinji just sits there and watches Rei wring out the washcloth for like 30 seconds. What the hell is that? If you don't really want to know, this is the community for you!

Have a funny screencap? A random observation about the series? A "stupid" question? (There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.) Feel the need to laugh your ass off at what you feel was just a really DUMB and POINTLESS scene and have nowhere else to do it without fear of lynching? Join up and post away! Anything is welcome here, unless you're going to post your master's thesis on the Judeo-Christian symbolism of the series and Shinji as a Christ-like figure, and how this proves that the creator of Eva is anything more than a slightly unhinged but damn entertaining Japanese dude.

I'm your moderator, rinkhals, and there aren't many rules here--this kind of community doesn't work well with strict moderating. But I do have a few for my own sanity's sake, so here goes:

1. Stay on-topic. This is a community of random silliness, but it's a community of random silliness ABOUT EVANGELION. If you want to post about how much you hate the color red, at least mention Rei's hilarious emo poetry about how she also hates the color red, okay? On-topic.

2. We love Eva. We make fun of it a lot, and we don't take it at all seriously, but we still love it. Posts like "This anime sucks and you all suck for liking it" are NOT kosher. Heh, it does kind of suck sometimes. Feel free to point out those times and laugh at them. But no bashing of anyone in the comm. Speaking of which . . .

3. Please respect the opinions of others. I mean, if you caught a deeper meaning somewhere that someone else didn't, it's okay to mention that, politely. But don't flame anyone for not seeing what's so great about your favorite scene. Especially if that scene involves washcloths in any way. By the same token, don't get pissed off if you're the OP and someone wants to share their personal interpretation of something with you, even if you don't agree with it. We're all mad here--keep that in mind and stay polite about your disagreements. Having an opinion is not a bannable offense.

4. LJ-cuts are much appreciated if you're posting memes, graphics, or anything explicit. Please. For the children.

5. Swearing is allowed. Slash references are allowed, even if they involve Gendou and Shinji. (In fact you'll probably get brownie points with the mod for making such references.) Character bashing is allowed as long as it's not too venomous or about Rei (just kidding), and yes I do decide what too venomous is. (You'll be fine as long as you don't make it personal.) Series bashing in general is allowed except as noted above. Fic is allowed, fanart is allowed, random posts on what kind of underwear Asuka wears is allowed. Fangirl squeeing is allowed, posting while on a sugar high is allowed, posting while drunk is allowed. Just remember rule 6:

6. Have fun or we'll sic Pen-Pen on you!

7. Excessive use of parentheses is allowed. Sorry about that, guys.

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