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we mock because we love--really.

Feb. 3rd, 2005

08:10 pm

Icons [once again ^^]
[x] Rei - 1
[x] Misato - 1
[x] PenPen - 1
[x] Shini/Kaouru - 1
[x] Asuka - 3

and a bunch of others.
the eva ones kinda suck, but whatever
Behind the Fake Cut

Jan. 18th, 2005

01:00 am

A few more serious icons behind the fake cut

Dec. 29th, 2004

10:22 am - Video Fan Service

I saw the most amazing thing: a music video of Weird Al Yankovich's "I Think I'm A Clone Now" with nothing but NGE imagery.

Lots of Rei, not surprisingly.

I give this video an A+++++, because I love it more than Maya wanted Ritsuko's babies!

Oct. 22nd, 2004


This comm has been dead for a while, but damn it all this needed to be shared.

Behold, an Evangelion dating sim that somehow manages to be worse than you would expect such a thing to be.

Highlights of the OMG INNOVATIVE! gameplay:
- Meet tramps including "Unconventional Rei" and "Eccentric Asuka"
- Buy them overpriced hair dye or be called a cheap motherfucker!
- Have an early-morning before-class date with Asuka at the local gun shop!
- Refuse to buy her guns and die horribly!
- Have an uncomfortable beach-side date with Rei Ayanami in a swimsuit!
- Have her throw up in your mouth!
- OR WORSE! Have her stab you in the eye with the beach umbrella!


Click it, and see that I'm not lying!

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Sep. 7th, 2004

12:55 am - omgwtfnge

If you read my LJ you'll know that lately I've been digging Ken Akamatsu's latest manga/anime, Mahou Sensei Negi (or Negima!). It's the mother of all harem series--guy goes to Japan to teach, guy is assigned to class of 31 girls of various quirky archetypes (cheerleader, pudgy girl, ninja, robot, ghost . . . ). Guy is also Welsh and 9 years old and a wizard, but that's beside the point.

The main female heroine is named Asuna. She's a fiery redheaded orphan with pigtails, blue eyes, a temper, a crush on an older man, and contempt for the male protagonist. Wait . . . why is this sounding familiar?

She's also drawn with a lot of Asuka-esque facial expressions, unfortunately none of which I can find scans of online.

So that was interesting. Then a couple of days ago, I notice another character in Negi's class--hey, with 31 girls to keep track of, you're not going to notice anyone. This girl is named Ako. She's a soccer player, and she's quiet and shy and dislikes violence, and the sight of blood. Here's a picture of Ako:

ITEM. Rei and Asuka have been reincarnated and are trapped in a gratuitously fanservicey harem anime! DISCUSS.

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Sep. 2nd, 2004

11:02 pm

Shinji = So gay.


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Aug. 4th, 2004

11:05 am - Ha, I'm related to Misato.

My cousin had 2 beers before 10 AM on both Monday and Tuesday.

And she drank more a couple hours later.

She also belches like Misato (believe me, it isn't pretty) and...err...enjoys the company of men to the same degree.

Just wanted to share, because I was amused.

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Jul. 21st, 2004

02:59 am - nothing beats Rei's ass

covert_light and I are sick hors. Okay, so I have a Rei action figure (several, actually, but there's one in particular) and I also have an Angel action figure--not the Angels from Evangelion, but the vampire Angel, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then his own series. We have this joke that my two action figures are the OTP and that I need to pose them having hot sex and post it to this comm, which I will do someday. Tonight though, inspired by some lovely badfic, Cassie and I decided to have a go at writing Angel/Rei smut. And here's what we came up with. I am so sorry.

This was a joint effort, isn't that scary?

WARNING: contains parody, dirty dirtiness, angst, and buttplugs.Collapse )

The assholish Angel in this "fic" is based on Angel in a really bad fic where, yes, he uses buttplugs and spanks Faith with a paddle.

Jul. 18th, 2004

07:57 pm - what have i done?

Now that I have Photoshop back, I've been having fun fiddling with icons and Eva icons in particular. Usually I stick with making Rei stuff but for some reason I've had this SICK AND WRONG DESIRE to make a bunch of Shinji icons! Well, not a BUNCH, really, but a couple. Which is far too many. I thought I'd show them off anyway and offer them up for use, if anyone wants to give poor angsty Shinji a home. I've got them up over on my GJ but I don't mind sharing, heh. Credit is appreciated but I'm not going to come after you, you know?

I also made two icons specifically for covert_light--I would show them off here and then yell at you all not to take them (heh) but it seems I can't access them on GJ right now. When did they add that option?

*goes to make more*

Jul. 15th, 2004

09:15 pm - Crossover fun OMG BBQ


Not for the faint of heartCollapse )

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