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why yes, I *HAVE* been planning this all year! - we mock because we love--really.

Sep. 13th, 2007

12:28 pm - why yes, I *HAVE* been planning this all year!

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Remember, remember,
the 13th of September
the experiment, impact, and plot,
I cannot extract why the Second Impact
should ever be forgot.

...but what of the man?

Sora*! In sight, a mysterious society, strewn shockingly as both salvation and scoundrel by the strings of fate. This structure, suggested to be a safeguard to the shattered spirit, is but a sickening sham spoken with a smile by several souls working to summon superficial saviors. However, the spirit stationed before you stands strong, and has sworn to subdue these shady and sickening scum that support this supplement of sin and suppression of self-control. The only solution is settlement; a spiteful struggle held as a symbol, not senselessly, for the significance and sincerity of such shall one day set free the scientists and the schoolchildren. Surely, this stew of smalltalk strays into straggling so I shall suspend my stalling. Let me simply add that it is a great honor to meet you and you may call me Shi.

*sora = そら = “look!” /”look at me!”


I wasn't able to get everything done for this I wanted but.. XD Just imagine Shinji (wearing a Lilith mask, I suppose?) whisking Asuka to the top of a building in Tokyo-3, motioning down to NERV HQ and reciting that speech. That aught to do it. Anyway. Happy Impact :O!

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